About Us


We are a group of EE professionals who are continuously intrigued by the problems encountered both in our school-days and on the jobs. Many of the concepts, theories and techniques for electrical engineering take us many years to fully comprehend. Every now and then, we feel a fairly good understanding is reached on a subject, then we want to quickly consolidate and capture the knowledge by writing a web-based program (Java applet) illustrating the underlying principles. Finishing a tool always gives us a joyful sense of accomplishment, therefore we are eager to share it with the community - EE students and colleagues. On the other hand, feedback from the readers help us to refine the tools. Over time, a few of the tools have gradually evolved into more sophisticated stand-alone programs, capable of tackling some real-world engineering problems.


Be a resource for EE students and professionals.

Business status

EE Circle Solution is a registered business with Santa Clara County, California, USA.

Contact Information

Most of us are still active engineers with Silicon Valley companies, and running this web-site is still a hobby at this time. Therefore, we prefer not to have our names listed here. Please send us an e-mail for any legitimate reasons, we will reply you promptly.


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