Resistance Pair Chooser


This utility helps designers of circuit involving voltage divider to choose a pair of resistors from a discrete set of values that best satisfy certain design equation.


  • User defined an arbitrary design equation in the form of "f(R1,R2)=target_value" where f(R1,R2) is an expression or function containing two resistive variables R1, R2.
  • User can specify the constraints for R1, R2 in form of a logical expression.
  • Standard resistance values come from one of the industry standards: EIA-6, EIA-12, EIA-24, EIA-48, EIA-96, or EIA-192.
  • A number (set by the user) of resistance pairs are returned and sorted by the order of increasing error deviating from the target value.

The Applet and User's Guide

  • Enter the design equation, such as the one used in a voltage regulator with adjustable output voltage
  • Enter the constraint for the two resistors
  • Choose the set of standard resistance values and change the range when necessary. Click "Refresh R Set" to view the available resistance values
  • Set the number of choices to be returned, then click "Calculate"
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