H-SPICE Waveform Viewer Change Log

Features in Version 1.0

  • Read HSPICE .tr* and .ac* files.
  • Display list of variables saved in each file.
  • Accommodate additional sweep parameters.
  • Plot time-domain waveform with option of eye diagram generation.
  • Plot frequency-domain variables filtered by the (magnitude, phase, db, real or
    image) function.
  • Export plots to vector-based graphic formats (EPS and SVG).
  • Export plot data to ACSII files

New Features in Version 1.1

  • Help::About menu changed from display-only mode to readable mode. This allows user easily to use copy/paste the computer information {MAC address, IP address and etc.} needed for license renewal purposes
  • A new plotting package, MjoGraph - capable to producing high publication quality plots, is available for Mac OS-X users


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