S-Parameter Explorer Change Log

Features in Version 1.0

  • Read data from Touchstone or CITI files
  • Derive Y, Z parameters for given S-parameters
  • Perform mixed-mode conversion
  • Write S-parameters to files
  • Plots of S-parameter values (magnitude, phase, db, real or imaginary parts)
  • Export plots to vector-based graphic formats (EPS and SVG)
  • Export plots to raster graphic formats (PNG, JPG)
  • Export plot data to ACSII files

New Features in Version 2.0

  • Help::About menu changed from display-only mode to readable mode. This allows user easily to use copy/paste the computer information {MAC address, IP address and etc.} needed for license renewal purposes
  • Port re-indexing
  • Reduce S-parameters by leaving the unused ports either OPEN or terminated at the current block-internal reference impedance
  • Renormalization of S-parameters by choosing a different port reference impedance
  • Separate the N-ports into 2N-nodes, with options of merging the local reference nodes
  • Create S-parameter blocks from single- and multi-conductor transmission-line models
  • Extract RLGC parameters from 2N-port S-parameters for N-coupled transmission-line structures
  • A built-in circuit simulator allowing the generation of new S-parameter block from a composition of existing S-parameter blocks mixed with R/L/C lumped element models
  • A new plotting package, MjoGraph - capable to producing high publication quality plots, is available for Mac OS-X user


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