Trace Analyzer Change Log

Features in Version 1.0

  • Integrated Material Editor
  • Integrated Layer Stackup (Metal and Dielectric Layer) Editor
  • Accommodating layered media with any number of dielectric/metal layers
  • Designations of some metal layers to be connected to the ground (GND)
  • Allowing any number of traces on any metal layers (except GND layers) with
    customized width and spacing rules
  • Calculations of RLGC matrices and the derived impedance matrix
  • Export RLGC parameters to W-element files compatible with HSPICE
  • Export RLGC parameters to model file compatible with ADS
  • File formats for storing material, layer stackup and trace design information

New Features in Version 1.1

  • Help::About menu changed from display-only mode to readable mode. This allows user easily to use copy/paste the computer information {MAC address, IP address and etc.} needed for license renewal purposes


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