HSPICE Waveform Viewer Download

This HSPICE waveform viewer presented here can be useful for engineers running HSPICE simulations routinely. It can display the transient or AC simulation results (stored in binary or text files) easily and generate publication quality plots. To get a peek at the tool, click the link to the screen shots of the main application, as well as several example plots: Plot-1, Plot-2, and Plot-3. Here are some of the features offered by the tool:

  • Read HSPICE .tr* and .ac* files.
  • Display list of variables saved in each file.
  • Accommodate additional sweep parameters.
  • Plot time-domain waveform with option of eye diagram generation.
  • Plot frequency-domain variables filtered by the (magnitude, phase, db, real or
    image) function.
  • Export plots to vector-based graphic formats (EPS and SVG).
  • Export plot data to ACSII files
  • A new plotting package, MjoGraph - capable to producing high publication quality plots, is available for Mac OS-X users in version 1.2.

More detailed descriptions are available in the user's guide. Please read the license agreement before downloading.

Click one of the following links for downloading the HSPICE Viewer:

Each downloaded tool contains a DEMO license. A REGULAR license can be purchased. When help is needed, please read the installation help.

Note: You need to have Java (JDK 1.6 or higher) to run this installer.

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