Trace Analyzer / Impedance Calculator

This is the application version of the Trace Analyzer. For on-line usage, please visit the applet version. To get a peek at the tool, click the link to a screenshots of the Layer Stackup Editor, Trace Editor (coupled microstrips, coupled striplines, a pair of coplanar traces, and multiple traces coupled through a slot), and the data view of the RLGC matrices. Here are some of the features offered by the tool:

  • Integrated Material Editor
  • Integrated Layer Stackup (Metal and Dielectric Layer) Editor
  • Accommodating layered media with any number of dielectric/metal layers
  • Designations of some metal layers to be connected to the ground (GND)
  • Allowing any number of traces on any metal layers (except GND layers) with
    customized width and spacing rules
  • Calculations of RLGC matrices and the derived impedance matrix
  • Export RLGC parameters to W-element files compatible with HSPICE
  • Export RLGC parameters to model file compatible with ADS
  • File formats for storing material, layer stackup and trace design information
  • New in Version 2.0
    • Activated the “under_cut” parameter as a property of a metal layer. This allows the cross sections of traces to take general trapezoidal shape.
    • Utilized the “z_offset” parameter as another property of a metal layer.
    • More accurate calculation method applied to stripline, and dual-stripline traces.
    • Calculation and report of crosstalk coefficients.

More detailed descriptions are available in the user's guide. Please read the license agreement before downloading.

Click one of the following links for downloading the Trace Analyzer application:

Each downloaded tool contains a DEMO license. A REGULAR license can be purchased. When help is needed, please read the installation help.

Note: You need to have Java (JRE 1.6 or higher) to run this installer.

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